HistoWiz launches PathologyMap

This year’s AACR was an exciting time for HistoWiz! At the conference we launched PathologyMap – the world’s largest preclinical tissue database.

If you didn’t get the chance to see us there, don’t worry – we’ve got the latest updates for you here.

Ke launching the world’s largest pre-clinical pathology database.

On the last day of AACR, our CEO Ke gave a speech titled “At the Intersection of Biology and Computer Science: Machine Learning of Histopathology” where she not only gave an overview of what’s currently happening at HistoWiz, but also launched PathlogyMap.

Over the years as our histology service has been providing value to over 1,000 customers, our database has been steadily growing. To date, it has well over 60,000 slides, and is growing at roughly 200% annually. Over 30,000 of these are licensed and available for sale and viewing today.

PathologyMap contains a growing collection of annotated, preclinical histopathology data that we’ve crowdsourced from the biomedical research community. This covers everything like human models, to experimental ones like zebrafish, patient-derived xenografts, and organoids.

The database’s most important feature is its capacity for tissue-driven data mining, and the development of machine learning tools based on histopathological images. These slides, together with the aforementioned tools, offer a rich set of insights previously unobtainable to researchers.

For the first time ever, an accessible database with high resolution images and detailed annotations is made available to researchers, which will empower them to dive deeper into their fields of study and gain results that are otherwise out of reach without the help of technology.

Researchers can use PathologyMap to find similarities in cancers extremely fast by searching for slides from a specific series, strain, genotype, organ, experimental treatment condition, sex, age, or biomarker.

By leveraging machine leaning algorithms and allowing users of HistoWiz’s histology service to contribute, annotate, and compare cancer tissue data from across multiple laboratories and hospitals, PathologyMap marks an important step forward in improving cancer diagnosis, discovering insights to advance cancer research, accelerating drug development, and saving money for researchers by reducing repetitive research work.

Finally, users of PathologyMap are able to purchase unstained slides from a specific species, strain, genotype, organ, disease, or experimental condition for study controls or explorative study design.

For those interested in viewing, data mining, or researching online digital histology slides, users may access these features through a paid subscription.

If you’d like to subscribe or request more info, please email us at [email protected], or give us a call at 347-221-1020.

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