How HistoWiz is Poised to Accelerate GLP Studies

This week the Society of Toxicologic Pathology hosted its 37th annual symposium in Indianapolis, which drew members of the pathology community together to discuss a range of subjects.

HistoWiz’s CMO Dr. Boto was in attendance to give a speech on cloud toxicologic pathology.

Because HistoWiz’s business leverages the cloud for everything from its histology service to its PathologyMap database, all of its histopathology data is accessible from anywhere in the world, making on demand telepathology a reality.

With this major advantage, HistoWiz has built the world’s first telepathology network, an “Uber for pathology” service available to new and existing clients who require pathologist evaluations for their digitized whole slide images.

Through its large and growing network of the world’s top pathologists, HistoWiz further accelerates drug development by offering rapid turnaround times and unprecedented access to a wide range of pathology subspecialties.

Dr. Boto’s speech focused on the significance of this online pathologist network for GLP studies. The pathology aspect of these studies can sometimes take up to a month or longer to complete due to the availability of pathologists and the volume of slides often involved.

HistoWiz’s online pathologist network can cut this time down to just days, as it seamlessly distributes large volumes of work amongst its pathologists, and instantly matches this work to pathologists who are available to complete it – not adding it to already backed up work queues. This also gives clients a selection of many subspecialties to choose from, a number of which are not  typically easily available.

These are just some of the ways that the pathologist network is able to effectively cut down the time it takes to complete pathology work for GLP studies.

As we gear up to accelerate GLP work across the industry, we encourage anyone conducting these studies who wants to take advantage of our pathologist network to email us at [email protected], or call us at 347-221-1020 to get started today.

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